What you can do at TheGameBox

Hey there!

How you all doing?

Today, we shall talk about the different fun things that you could do at TheGameBox as also its features like Feeds, Facebook Connect, Medals, Challenges and more!

> Play

TheGameBox has games for all kinds of gamers – so, whether you are a beginner or a gaming ace, whether you prefer dressup games to action, we have a game made especially for you.

Feel the adrenaline rush a power bike gives you as you play Adreno Rider. Test your Bollywood quotient with the game, 7 Chances, even as the elements keep you on your toes! Feel the edge of fast driving on a highway with Crazy Taxi. Run a successful eatery and send back happy customers with Sandwich Shop

If you like our games, you can also download them and play them on your computer as and when you like!

> Bond

Given that TheGameBox is India’s first social gaming website, we believe that gaming is enjoyed best with friends. So, while there is an entire community playing different games on the website, you can make friends with those who share your gaming interests. Chat with them, exchange comments on a game or simply challenge them for their scores – what better than a game to bond with friends, old and new!

> Connect

Once on TheGameBox, you can register with a separate account on the website. Or, you can also register with your Facebook account and use it to log in to the site in future! Easy access to the site, and that too without any new passwords to remember!

> Update

You are constantly updated on what every one is up to in TheGameBox. Who’s playing what game, who’s made what score in a game, who’s thrown a challenge, who’s accepted the challenge and who’s won it… it’s all out there in ‘Global Feeds’! Log in to your account, and check out ‘Personal Feeds’ to see your friends’ activities.

> Challenge

When you make a good score in a game, you don’t just climb the leaderboard. You can now challenge anyone to beat you at your score! But beware! There might just be another gamer to topple you from your position… :)

> Win

It’s always nice to make more than just a good score in a game, no? Some of our ‘star’ games come bearing gifts in the form of ‘Medals’. To win these Medals, you must make a specific minimum score – clear that and voila! You have a funky Medal decorating your profile! Check out our games Xio Wants StarsCrazy TaxiPenguin Plunge and many more!!

So, people, I hope you now know more about TheGameBox and what different things you can do on the site.

Let’s get started, then!