Strategy Games all the way!

Hey there you guys! How’s it been?

Things have been a tad hectic with us – TheGameBox has shifted base to a cool new office in the last week. All things shiny, new and clean, we’ve settled down now and totally geared up to dish out games in the coming days!

Right through all the action though, we released four new games, three of them based on Strategy and one on Arcade. Here’s a list so you could check them out!

Billy's Hill: Feed the monster with fruit!

First up is Billy’s Hill, a game where you feed a hungry monster with fruit. This is no ordinary fruit either – you gotta grow them on a tree by attracting fireflies to it!

Jungle Juggle: Send the armadillo home!

Next in line is Jungle Juggle, in which you curl an armadillo up in a monkey’s tail and hurl it across to its burrow! With progressing levels, there are more and more monkeys and also elephants chipping in to help you. Fun, them laws of the jungle!

The Galactic Melody Catcher: Hop across planets!

The Galactic Melody Catcher is about a cute little spatial body that goes around every planet collecting pink balls. Have fun with colour and music!

Furfur and Nublo: Help the aliens get together

Say ‘hola’ to Furfur and Nublo, two aliens who have been separated. Switch your attention between the two with the space bar and get them together safely. 25 challenging levels to cross!

We leave you with these fun games until the next update. Enjoy!