Santa ver 2.011

This year, a new developer, Mayur, joined us a few days before Christmas. Mayur commutes to work and back on a splendid Bullet, the dream mean machine every other guy wants to own. So, when we were planning a game for Christmas this year, all of us put our brains together, and decided to give Santa Claus an upgrade. The sled was out and good ol’ Santa was made to sit on a cool new bike!

Here’s a rough sketch from our maverick artist, Harshal.

But that’s not the only twist!

Santa has attracted several enemies over the years. And they’re all after his gifts… none of them wants Santa to drop them down sleeping chimneys so the children wake up to find them on Christmas morning! From witches to alien spaceships to modern fighter jets, they’re all going at him for the presents. But is Santa one to give in easy? No way!

Santa ver 2.011 dodges these meanies and how! Use your mouse to navigate Santa across the night sky, and cover the max distance possible. And, oh! We might just squeeze in Medals for our rocking performers! Watch this space!

TheGameBox Team wishes you a merry, merry Christmas and happy holidays! Ring in a great new year, you guys!

Here’s a rocking new wallpaper for you!


Update: Guys, here’s another reason why you should play Santa ver 2.011. 3 MEDALS up for grabs!!! Play now!