Car and bike games

Adreno Rider

If there is one thing that comes close to the thrill of a fast car or bike on the road, it is a car or a bike game. You can zip about on a road, over take from the left or right as you please, race for a purpose and even go without belts and helmets!

Kart On

Formula 11

TheGameBox brings you select car and bike games to satisfy your need for speed. Kart On, Formula 11 and Vroom lead you on to the road and draw you right into the racing mood.


If you are the one to combine your love for driving with a little bit of strategy, head straight for Car Chaos and Adreno Rider.

Car Chaos

And finally we have Crazy Taxi in this bunch, a game about a mad taxi overtaking cars right, left and centre! Literally!

Crazy Taxi

So if you’re in it for the rush, the thought or just the madness… whatever starts your engine, get on to the seat and get set for a drive!