Bollywood Toss

There’s no such thing as excess publicity. And when it comes to our Bollywood stars, the more publicity they gather, the better!

Bollywood Toss is a cool new game on TheGameBox which tracks the life of a celebrity tossed into stardom. Follow his life as he is cast into the air in three different cities, and collects movies, endorsements, and gets boosts from various other elements! Add to your array of career-boosters from the store and increase your chances of gaining publicity.

Bollywood Toss: Boost this star's career

Select your Bollywood character. Use arrow keys to set the direction for the cannon and press space to shoot. Once the star has been cast, you can use up to 10 hikes to push your star further up. Just press the ‘up’ arrow key to hike. Visit the store, and upgrade your PR equipment with birds, jetpacks, jeeps, trampolines and more! Win Achievements for covering maximum distances in cities in the least number of days.

Make your favourite Bollywood star, THE biggest star in the country!