Adreno Rider 2

First, it was Santa ver 2.0, and now Adreno Rider 2. We seem to have a fixation for games with bikes! And why not? Who doesn’t like a bike ride that would go on for as long as you like… given our *ahem* real-world traffic conditions and forever escalating fuel prices!

When we were crafting a bike game, we thought we’d keep it simple, and focus on one obstacle – oddly placed bars. All you have to do is jump on to them and keep going. The best thing about the game is that you can also stick to the roof of the bars when you’re riding under them!

Adreno Rider 2: Biking in space!

Adreno Rider 2 is all about biking in space: A/R 2 hails from a planet under threat from another. If you wish to escape doom, get into your machine and ride across to a safer place. Press space bar or left-click to jump across bars.

Medals up for wins:

Space Debutant Medal for 3000 points

Cosmic Biker Medal for 10000 points

Light Year Biker Medal for 16000 points