Adreno Rider

Most would agree nothing compares with a bike ride. The control over a terrific road beast plus the blast of wind as the bike picks up speed is an experience beyond description. But bikes are not just about speed; the biker must know his bike so well, that he can ride it over difficult terrain and slush alike.

Adreno Rider

The Adreno Rider is for all the bike lovers, riders and pillion-riders! The challenge is how you steer the bike on inclines, over breaks and across bonus points! Give your adrenaline a sure-shot boost.

Claim the roads as your own. Terrain no bar!

Use ‘up’ and ‘down’ arrow keys to drive your bike ahead. Use the ‘right’ and ‘left’ keys to balance your bike. Use the space bar to jump. Press the ‘X’ key to flip. Avoid bombs along the way. Collect coins, and keys to open locked doors. Drive over the teleporter to teleport.

You can also win the  Power Biker Medal if you cross 4000 Points!!