Get Crazy with Cricket Games!

Crazy about cricket games? TheGameBox is just the place for you!

Play fantastic cricket games like Practice Cricket, Master Blasters, Book Cricket Tournament, Powerplay Cricket and many more from our wide array of Free Online Games. Howzat!

Cricket Craze

Ganpati Bappa Morya!

Here’s an easy question for you. Do you know what Ganesha loves most? Yes, you guessed it right, Modaks! (*smack)

At TheGameBox, we bring to you Ganesha’s favourite game Modak Mania! Have fun with this yummy Match 3 Mash-up.

Ganpati Bappa Morya!

Happy Teacher’s Day!

Become the Teacher’s Pet! Top the scores in our Word and Puzzle games and make your Teacher proud. What better way to say thank you to your Teacher for her patience and hardwork that she put into molding us into who we are today.

Happy Teacher’s Day to Teachers everywhere! :D

Happy Teacher's Day

Know Your Bollywood!

Movies and  especially Bollywood has enthralled us for many a decades now. We have all grown-up watching movies and there are some significant bits of those movies that remain with us always; a certain hairdo, dress, instrument, etc.

Test your Bollywood gyan. Identify the movie from its props. Type the letters of the Movie title. Get all answers correct to become the Badshah of Bollywood!

Know Your Bollywood

Happy Independence Day!

Hey people,

Come let’s celebrate the spirit of India!

We have lined up all things Indian on TheGameBox for your entertainment. Have fun and enjoy playing Independence day Special games.

Jai Ho!

Happy Independence Day!


Hey there TGB gamers,

TheGameBox brings to you the world of Poker with its newest Goodgame Poker game. So, raise the stakes, bluff with the best and look good while you do it!

Buy exclusive items, send gifts to your buddies and raise your rankings. True Texas Hold’em rules with a new twist . Stack up your bounty, hit a Royal Flush and go Bing Blang Blaow.

And if you are busted once, don’t be disheartened, because as they say in Poker, “Chip and a chair, partner”. You can come back to win a poker tournament even with one chip.

What are you waiting for? Its cards in the air, fellas. Take your seats at the table. Shuffle and deal…



Empire Improved!

Ave, all!

Your favourite online multiplayer game, Empire has been improved and bettered for your total social gaming experience.

With over 300 unique quest and new territories to explore, this improved version of Empire is all out to make you a happy and proud Emperor.

So gather around your knights, built your army and march ahead to conquer forbidden and uncharted territories.

March on!



Our newest MMORPG – Café

Are you in the mood for some yummy omelettes or simple healthy salad? Your wait ends right here…TheGameBox brings you Cafe!

Open your own Café. Decide what’s on the menu and shop for ingredients. Amaze your customers with your cooking skills.

Hire your friends and grow your business. Your Café will be the most popular meeting point in town!

So fill their tummies and their hearts with some good home cooking.


Online Multiplayer Social Games: Take your pick

We know how you guys love gaming! Keeping this in mind, TheGameBox brings to you 4 continuous and exciting social games – Empire, Big farm, Poker and Cafe.

Empire: Each of these games is unique in its own way. Empire, set in the medieval times takes you back to the era of lords and knights and war. The game has been updated and now includes additional features. Be the lord of your castle and defeat your enemies to build your own Empire.

Big Farm: Ever wanted to get away from the concrete city jungle, build and manage your farm, growing crops and taking managing other farming activities without waking up at the crack of dawn and getting your hands dirty and muddy. Big Farm lets you do all this and much more!

Poker: Play turn-based one on one, Texas hold’em Poker with your friends and opponents from all over the world. Hit a Royal flush!

Café : Create your own café . Serve and manage everything in your own cafe and make it a booming success. Make your café  the most popular meeting point in town

So, what are you waiting for? Invite your friends to play these fun and adventurous multiplayer games. Get addicted!

Social Games


Congrats! Winners of Panga Player of the Day!

Congratulations to the winners of Panga Player of the Day! Well played gentlemen! Take a bow :)

Panga Player of the Day

Gangster on TheGameBox

Live the life of a gangster in a big city. Do missions for the godfather, duel with other players from all over the world and get new items at the black market to improve your character. Start your career right now and become the biggest gangster of all time. Its Gangster’s Paradise on TheGameBox!


Cricket, Wicket and More!

Its Cricket season, all over again. This time around, it’s the Champions Trophy. We are sure you guys are enjoying your daily adrenalin rush of the best cricketing action. In keeping with the mood, TheGameBox brings to you its best Cricket games. So have fun and enjoy our wide array of Cricket games. Com’on now, take your best shot!

Cricket Games

Rule the Galaxy!

Space the Final Frontier: Explore strange new worlds, seek out new life and new civilizations. Set forth on this adventure and go forth where no man has gone before

Become the commander of your own space station. Utilize the galaxy’s resources and enlarge your base. Research futuristic technologies and demonstrate your grasp of tactics.

Ally yourself with other players from all across the world and rule the galaxy!


Match and Break week

Hey there gamers,

This week we bring to you a colourful palette games. Play match 3 games like Gemclix, Pointix, Colour Cannons and others from our wide collection of free online games. Happy weekend…have fun!

Match 3 Games


It’s time for Action!

Hey guys,

It’s time for some Action @ TheGameBox! Play your favourite game from our wide collection of Action games. So roll up your sleeves, take position and aim ahead for this is war. Load, Ready…FIRE!

Action Games

The Race is on!

The Race is on @ TheGameBox! Run as fast as you can. Beat your competitors and become the winner. Ready, Steady….GO!

The Race is on


Enjoy Monsoon Magic!


Its raining games @ TheGameBox! Monsoon is a magical time, the splatter of the rain on the window panes, the dull and quiet indoors. What better way to spend your time indoors than playing our awesome monsoon games from our wide collection of Free Online Games.

Enjoy the magical monsoon and have fun!

Monsoon Magic

Happy Friendship Day!

Hi Friends,

Happy Friendship Day to all of you!

Friendship is one of the most treasured relationship that we share with others. A true friend is one who understands your thoughts without you having to say anything. I am sure you all have at least one such friend! :)

This friendship day appreciate and affirm this beautiful bond. Celebrate this beautiful day by gaming with friends from our awesome collection of Multiplayer games.

Have a blast! :D

Happy Friendship Day


Celebrate Eid with The Khans

The holy month of Ramadan finally culminates with celebration of Eid al-Fitr also known as Ramzan Eid. Let’s celebrate this Eid with The Khans of Bollywood. TheGameBox brings to you fun-filled and exciting Bollywood games to make your holidays more exciting.

Eid Mubarak to all of you! Allah hasif :)

Eid Mubarak!